Giving a Solution to Various Waste Disposal Problems

We are all responsible for the wastes that we generate at home, in school, at work, in the community and in the world. It could have been better if we all know how to properly dispose our wastes because too much production of wastes may lead from minor to serious problems. Of course, nobody wants to suffer from uncontrolled and improper waste disposal.

As a responsible citizen, we must learn how to control the enormous increase of collecting waste from various establishments and homes in the community. Is it possible to minimize the production of waste? Yes, if everybody will cooperate and give this matter a real concern. In short, there are many ways to manage waste such as hire services as seen in Perth Australia. Just search for skip bins Perth and you will find one easily. In the same city, local governments has a website that explain in more detail about the city’s waste, rubbish and recycling services.

Various Waste Disposal Problems

Are you aware that problems arise due to waste disposal? Do you even know that these problems may affect you, your workplace, homes, the community and the world we are living? Again, waste disposal is not simply an issue, but a must-focus matter to deal with.

  • Landfills

This is one of the major problems about wastes. Tons of wastes are generated every day and this is not good. If tons of wastes will go to the landfills every day, then you will have a mountain of wastes in your area. Do you want to live in a community filled with rubbish and garbage? How would you like to stay in such environment?

Not only that because there are landfills without proper management of collected wastes. If they are not going to follow the rules and regulations regarding their operation, then too much waste and improper management will lead to land and water pollution in the community and habitats near the landfill.

  • Toxic Wastes

There are establishments, industries, factories and manufacturers producing toxic wastes. This type of waste contains chemicals that will not only lead to the destruction of natural resources. But, it can also be a threat to our health. And then, there are also hazardous waste products at home that may endanger your health if not properly disposed.

  • Technology and Facilities

You must not rely on the facilities that technology has done for waste disposal. Instead, you have to focus on how you are going to reduce wastes.

Solutions to Waste Disposal Problems     

If there are problems, then there would always be a solution. It might not be the fastest solution ever to control the increasing production of waste. But, a solution would be very helpful if all citizens will push it.

  • Recycling

This is an economical way of reducing waste and eliminating waste problems in the community. Reuse your waste and learn how to recycle them. It will surely decrease your garbage collection.

  • Landfill monitoring

If there are landfills that do not operate properly, then they must be monitored. There must be a strict implementation of the rules and regulations regarding the operation of landfills.

  • Thermal Waste Treatments

It could have been better if there would be a more advanced ways or techniques regarding the treatment of thermal waste because the emission of toxic waste and other chemicals lead to a real environmental and health issue.

How students can recycle waste

As a student, have you ever thought about how you can contribute in waste reduction? If you will just observe your school, it might be clean, right? But, there will always be a part in the school, where you can find trash cans full of garbage. That is actually normal because schools are usually populated. But, can we do something to lessen the amount of waste generated every day?

If you are a student and you are concerned about proper waste disposal and waste management in school, then that is something to be proud of. Not all students care about reducing waste because they do not mind about generating waste. As concerned students of one school, we must also think about reducing waste collected every day.

It could have been better if all students will cooperate in recycling waste. This is the only solution that you can do the waste disposal problem that every school is facing. It is a must for the teachers to encourage their students to learn how to recycle paper and plastic bottles. If a teacher can successfully do that, then the problem is solved.

Recycling waste
Recycling Tips

Students always have paper works in the class. Teachers must give their students a task to recycle used paper. Each student will collect used papers and then they will use this paper to come up with a work of Art.
They need to prepare a small basin with water. And then, they need to soak the paper. When the paper has been already soft, the student must mold this paper in a shape that they would like to do. They can mold this paper into an animal, plant or building. After molding, the work must be dried. And then, they can paint it to look more realistic.
Through this activity, the students can reduce paper waste. Therefore, helping the school in solving the waste disposal issues.

Plastic Bottles
Students always buy beverages in the school cafeteria. Now, as a teacher, you must tell your students to collect their plastic bottles. They are going to use this bottle to come up with a pyramid, Christmas tree or building. For this activity, the teacher may divide the class into groups.
Before using the plastic bottles, make sure to wash them first, so that ants will not rush to the finished work. And also, to avoid messing up the floor with leftover drinks. You have to let your students plan about how they can come up with their work. In such way, you are not only reducing waste, but you are also enhancing their skills and practicing team building.

Student participation in Waste Management Programs

Do you usually join programs in your school? There are so many programs that a school promotes, involving students, parents and teachers. Some of the common programs or activities of the school have something to do with sports, science exhibits, inventions, Arts, community programs and outreach programs. It could have been better if the teachers or school leaders will propose a program for all students regarding waste management.
If you will notice, waste disposal is also an issue in schools, which is something that students do not really consider. In other words, many students are not mindful enough because they are not aware about various waste disposal problems in school. If only the school will have a program that tackles waste management, then problems will be lessened. So, as student leaders of your organization, I suggest you to submit a proposal about how you can contribute to the waste management of the school. The head of your student council will surely approve this bright idea.

Waste management

Proposing a Waste Management Program

As a student, who is concerned about waste management is something to be proud of. Not all student leaders can think of this proposal because most of them will surely propose camping, talent search and various contests for students to participate. But, since you are aware about waste disposal problems in school and you are concerned about how to help in dealing with this issue, then I can say that your thinking is not only about how students can have fun and enjoy life in school. But, you are indeed a unique being and other students must choose you as an example.

  • Collecting Wastes in every room
    There are so many wastes in the room, which you may sell, such as papers, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Every day, students generate as much as they can. If they can’t learn how to reuse these wastes, then it would be best for these wastes to be collected.


  • Selling the waste and use as a fund
    After collecting the wastes, it will be sold to the junk shops and the student leaders may use that money for fundraising. Let’s say that they can propose a different project and use that fund to buy more garbage cans for the school campus.
    This idea coming from a student is actually one of the best proposals that you can ever think of as a student leader. Whoever joins this type of program in school shall be appreciated. So, if you have such program, then be determined to encourage all your schoolmates.

What can students do to reduce waste in school?

If you were a student, have you ever experienced going to school and finding trash cans full of waste? If you do, then maybe you are thinking that the janitor did not empty the trash can. But, what if the janitor already did his part? It means that students dumped too much waste. How did you feel finding much waste?
In a school, we have more students than teachers, right? Most faculty staff even have their own washrooms. So, in comfort rooms all wastes are coming from students. Due to the fact that a school is populated with students, this means that most wastes generated are coming from students. Even though that is the case, schools cannot reduce the number of students. Instead, students must also do something to help in reducing wastes.

Students recycling

What must a student do to reduce waste?
It could have been better if all students and school staffs are also concerned about waste disposal problems. It is also a good idea if everybody will be aware about waste management. If you are all concerned about various waste disposal issues, then we can prevent the existence of such problems. So, we have here a few tips for students on how they can reduce waste.

Reuse paper
Do not waste too much paper. You have to learn how to use paper wisely and aim on reducing waste, saving trees and saving money. So, how will you do that?

Learn how to use the back part of a paper. Do not dump it right away.
If you have notebooks and still have unused pages left, then collect the unused pages and make a new notebook.
You may also use paper to cover books and notebooks.
You will surely enjoy designing your scrapbook made of paper cutouts.

Bring your own cup or bottle
There are schools, where students bring their own cups or bottles for drinking. It would be a good idea to do the same to avoid using paper or plastic cups. If you continue dumping paper and plastic cups every after drinking, then this will greatly contribute to the amount of waste. Imagine this continuously done everyday. How much waste can you generate from drinking? This must be controlled before turning out into a big problem.

Those mentioned above are just a few things that you can do as a student. Yes, you are a student and you can do a lot to reduce waste in school. So, you better encourage your classmates to do something good to decrease waste disposal issues.

How can students help in reducing waste?

Do you have any idea how much waste your school generates every day? If you can only observe the garbage cans in the afternoon, then you will know. But, it seems that most students do not mind about it.

Instead of generating too much waste every day, why don’t we encourage our fellow students and teacher to reduce waste?

If we can only gather the students and assign a class to collect waste, then they will be aware that too much waste are collected. Therefore, this activity can be an eye opener for these students.

Ways on how students can reduce waste

As a student, you must also be concerned about how you are going to reduce waste in school. We should not let everybody produce as much waste as they can because sooner or later, this won’t be just a school’s problem, but, also a problem in the community or town, where the school is. Let us all ask our classmates to reduce waste. We have here some tips for you to consider.

Waste Segregation

Waste reduction must start in the classroom. The homeroom teacher may keep the boxes in the room. Each box may be used for students to fill in papers such as, old newspapers, magazines, drawing pads and notebooks. After collecting these papers, it may be sold. And then, money can be used as a fund for any class activity. There must also be a box for plastic bottles. And then, there must be a different box for canned and glass bottles. Students are fond of buying beverages from the school cafeteria. Those must be collected, so that the students can use the money after selling the waste to the junk shop. Through this the students are not only taught how to be responsible. But, they are also taught how to earn and save some money. It will be great if they can also apply this at home.


Students have so many paper works in school. They also do a lot of writing, drawing, graphing and sketching tasks. Some students do not know how to save paper. When they don’t want what’s written on the paper, they will simply crumple and throw it. Some of them dumps the paper even after making a small mistake. These habits must be changed. What they are doing will just fill up the trash cans. Why don’t we encourage our classmates to recycle the paper? The back part of the paper is still clean. So, we can still use it. Other students might not like to do such because they want a clean back paper. But, that’s not what the teacher will look at. In fact, the teacher will even appreciate what you did. If only we can encourage all our classmates to use the back part of the paper, then we can greatly reduce waste and we can save paper materials, too.

Using Face Towels

When students are using the washroom or toilet, they often use paper towels to dry their hands. Why don’t we encourage everybody to bring their own face towels? It won’t be too bulky in the bag, anyway.