About My Blog

Botts Boxers Blog is a blog site, aiming to contribute to a student’s awareness about proper waste management. If you are going to move around the school campus, then you can see the bulk of wastes everywhere. That is due to the student’s behavior and unawareness about ways on how they can reduce waste. Through the help of this blog site, we can help the schools and students reduce waste.

Having a clean school and free from waste is not only a means of practicing waste management. It can also be a way of encouraging parents to enroll their students in such schools. If we can be a way for students to learn about waste management, proper waste disposal and reducing waste, then we will be very pleased.

Having such blog site and being concerned about schools is one thing that we are proud of. We know that through this site, we can encourage schools, teachers and students practice proper waste management. Remember that we are sharing these tips to help.

We are just concerned about the high rate of wastes collected every day in every school. So, if we are not all going to make a way to reduce it, then this will lead to everybody’s problem. As early as possible, we would like to avoid future problems. So, if you can only visit our blog site and share it, then we will be very glad.