Blog’s Policy

Botts Boxers website blog publishes original contents about reducing waste management in schools. The articles may be tips, ways or means to reduce waste that our students, teachers and schools may follow. It can also be an option, idea or suggestions coming from students, teachers, school owners or any citizen, who is concerned about proper school waste management.

We only publish articles relevant to waste management. And then, these articles are for public use, but, we are against people, who will use the contents of our site for fraud or abuse. We strictly do not allow illegal transactions regarding the site. We function as publishers for the public and free content about proper waste management and disposal. Any individual, who is caught and reported using our published articles for moneymaking is subject to further investigation.

Any form of copying of our valued article must not be tolerated. If you wish to use our article, then you are encouraged to ask for permission. We would be glad to assist you and consider any request made with the aid of helping teachers, students and schools in reducing wastes. This website blog protects every right to the articles and its contents. Any article published will give credit to the writer and the website.