How can students help in reducing waste?

Do you have any idea how much waste your school generates every day? If you can only observe the garbage cans in the afternoon, then you will know. But, it seems that most students do not mind about it.

Instead of generating too much waste every day, why don’t we encourage our fellow students and teacher to reduce waste?

If we can only gather the students and assign a class to collect waste, then they will be aware that too much waste are collected. Therefore, this activity can be an eye opener for these students.

Ways on how students can reduce waste

As a student, you must also be concerned about how you are going to reduce waste in school. We should not let everybody produce as much waste as they can because sooner or later, this won’t be just a school’s problem, but, also a problem in the community or town, where the school is. Let us all ask our classmates to reduce waste. We have here some tips for you to consider.

Waste Segregation

Waste reduction must start in the classroom. The homeroom teacher may keep the boxes in the room. Each box may be used for students to fill in papers such as, old newspapers, magazines, drawing pads and notebooks. After collecting these papers, it may be sold. And then, money can be used as a fund for any class activity. There must also be a box for plastic bottles. And then, there must be a different box for canned and glass bottles. Students are fond of buying beverages from the school cafeteria. Those must be collected, so that the students can use the money after selling the waste to the junk shop. Through this the students are not only taught how to be responsible. But, they are also taught how to earn and save some money. It will be great if they can also apply this at home.


Students have so many paper works in school. They also do a lot of writing, drawing, graphing and sketching tasks. Some students do not know how to save paper. When they don’t want what’s written on the paper, they will simply crumple and throw it. Some of them dumps the paper even after making a small mistake. These habits must be changed. What they are doing will just fill up the trash cans. Why don’t we encourage our classmates to recycle the paper? The back part of the paper is still clean. So, we can still use it. Other students might not like to do such because they want a clean back paper. But, that’s not what the teacher will look at. In fact, the teacher will even appreciate what you did. If only we can encourage all our classmates to use the back part of the paper, then we can greatly reduce waste and we can save paper materials, too.

Using Face Towels

When students are using the washroom or toilet, they often use paper towels to dry their hands. Why don’t we encourage everybody to bring their own face towels? It won’t be too bulky in the bag, anyway.


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