How students can recycle waste

As a student, have you ever thought about how you can contribute in waste reduction? If you will just observe your school, it might be clean, right? But, there will always be a part in the school, where you can find trash cans full of garbage. That is actually normal because schools are usually populated. But, can we do something to lessen the amount of waste generated every day?

If you are a student and you are concerned about proper waste disposal and waste management in school, then that is something to be proud of. Not all students care about reducing waste because they do not mind about generating waste. As concerned students of one school, we must also think about reducing waste collected every day.

It could have been better if all students will cooperate in recycling waste. This is the only solution that you can do the waste disposal problem that every school is facing. It is a must for the teachers to encourage their students to learn how to recycle paper and plastic bottles. If a teacher can successfully do that, then the problem is solved.

Recycling waste
Recycling Tips

Students always have paper works in the class. Teachers must give their students a task to recycle used paper. Each student will collect used papers and then they will use this paper to come up with a work of Art.
They need to prepare a small basin with water. And then, they need to soak the paper. When the paper has been already soft, the student must mold this paper in a shape that they would like to do. They can mold this paper into an animal, plant or building. After molding, the work must be dried. And then, they can paint it to look more realistic.
Through this activity, the students can reduce paper waste. Therefore, helping the school in solving the waste disposal issues.

Plastic Bottles
Students always buy beverages in the school cafeteria. Now, as a teacher, you must tell your students to collect their plastic bottles. They are going to use this bottle to come up with a pyramid, Christmas tree or building. For this activity, the teacher may divide the class into groups.
Before using the plastic bottles, make sure to wash them first, so that ants will not rush to the finished work. And also, to avoid messing up the floor with leftover drinks. You have to let your students plan about how they can come up with their work. In such way, you are not only reducing waste, but you are also enhancing their skills and practicing team building.

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