Student participation in Waste Management Programs

Do you usually join programs in your school? There are so many programs that a school promotes, involving students, parents and teachers. Some of the common programs or activities of the school have something to do with sports, science exhibits, inventions, Arts, community programs and outreach programs. It could have been better if the teachers or school leaders will propose a program for all students regarding waste management.
If you will notice, waste disposal is also an issue in schools, which is something that students do not really consider. In other words, many students are not mindful enough because they are not aware about various waste disposal problems in school. If only the school will have a program that tackles waste management, then problems will be lessened. So, as student leaders of your organization, I suggest you to submit a proposal about how you can contribute to the waste management of the school. The head of your student council will surely approve this bright idea.

Waste management

Proposing a Waste Management Program

As a student, who is concerned about waste management is something to be proud of. Not all student leaders can think of this proposal because most of them will surely propose camping, talent search and various contests for students to participate. But, since you are aware about waste disposal problems in school and you are concerned about how to help in dealing with this issue, then I can say that your thinking is not only about how students can have fun and enjoy life in school. But, you are indeed a unique being and other students must choose you as an example.

  • Collecting Wastes in every room
    There are so many wastes in the room, which you may sell, such as papers, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Every day, students generate as much as they can. If they can’t learn how to reuse these wastes, then it would be best for these wastes to be collected.


  • Selling the waste and use as a fund
    After collecting the wastes, it will be sold to the junk shops and the student leaders may use that money for fundraising. Let’s say that they can propose a different project and use that fund to buy more garbage cans for the school campus.
    This idea coming from a student is actually one of the best proposals that you can ever think of as a student leader. Whoever joins this type of program in school shall be appreciated. So, if you have such program, then be determined to encourage all your schoolmates.

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