What can students do to reduce waste in school?

If you were a student, have you ever experienced going to school and finding trash cans full of waste? If you do, then maybe you are thinking that the janitor did not empty the trash can. But, what if the janitor already did his part? It means that students dumped too much waste. How did you feel finding much waste?
In a school, we have more students than teachers, right? Most faculty staff even have their own washrooms. So, in comfort rooms all wastes are coming from students. Due to the fact that a school is populated with students, this means that most wastes generated are coming from students. Even though that is the case, schools cannot reduce the number of students. Instead, students must also do something to help in reducing wastes.

Students recycling

What must a student do to reduce waste?
It could have been better if all students and school staffs are also concerned about waste disposal problems. It is also a good idea if everybody will be aware about waste management. If you are all concerned about various waste disposal issues, then we can prevent the existence of such problems. So, we have here a few tips for students on how they can reduce waste.

Reuse paper
Do not waste too much paper. You have to learn how to use paper wisely and aim on reducing waste, saving trees and saving money. So, how will you do that?

Learn how to use the back part of a paper. Do not dump it right away.
If you have notebooks and still have unused pages left, then collect the unused pages and make a new notebook.
You may also use paper to cover books and notebooks.
You will surely enjoy designing your scrapbook made of paper cutouts.

Bring your own cup or bottle
There are schools, where students bring their own cups or bottles for drinking. It would be a good idea to do the same to avoid using paper or plastic cups. If you continue dumping paper and plastic cups every after drinking, then this will greatly contribute to the amount of waste. Imagine this continuously done everyday. How much waste can you generate from drinking? This must be controlled before turning out into a big problem.

Those mentioned above are just a few things that you can do as a student. Yes, you are a student and you can do a lot to reduce waste in school. So, you better encourage your classmates to do something good to decrease waste disposal issues.

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